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Time to Plan for WUSS 2011

Contributed by Ginger Carey and Kathy Valdés, WUSS 2011 Conference Chairs ~ The annual WUSS conference brings hundreds of SAS users and SAS experts together. Whether you are new to the world of SAS or have been using it for years, consider the benefits of attending WUSS 2011 in San

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Mathematic Czar’s magic begins with statistics

Today’s lunch with Dr. Arthur Benjamin, self-proclaimed mathemagician and Professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, was everything it was hyped to be. Benjamin combines light math puzzling and his lively sense of humor for a show that keeps even an analytical audience entertained. He opened the show with a

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The Code Doctor is in …

Does your SAS code lack energy? Are your macros not 'mending'? Is your data out of sorts? Not to fear, because here at SAS Global Forum, we have emergency treatment for your SAS code. The new Code Doctors section allows you to bring your problematic SAS programs to a SAS