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Wide open in Las Vegas

~Contributed by Karen Lee, SAS Communications Director~ Open. In one word, that is how I would describe the communication environment at SAS Global Forum. Wide open. This is an amazing time for communication. For a long time, the only way attendees could find out what was happening at SAS Global

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Phil Holland is another SAS Rock Star!

I met Phil Holland nearly three years ago at my first SAS Global Forum. Actually, he and I met on Twitter before the conference. Phil, as @hollandnumerics, talked with me many times on Twitter about his plans for attending SAS Global Forum. He and I were excited about SAS'; plans

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SASonality = Sy Truong

I've never met Sy Truong face-to-face. (That will be one of the top items on my SAS Global Forum 2011 to-dos.) I’ve talked with him on Twitter and enjoyed his blog so much that I listed it in an edition of the SAS Tech Report. I’ve even talked with him

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It's Time for Inside SAS Global Forum

Co-hosts Dave Thomas and Waynette Tubbs kick off the behind-the-scenes look at SAS Global Forum 2010.  Learn all about the conference's social media plans and how to submit your suggestions story ideas. Web Links:YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_UJexoD20 SAS.com:http://www.sas.com/apps/webnet/SGF2010VideoBlog/index.html?videoID=isgf10episode1

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Less me, more blog

For the past 9 months I’ve been sharing my insights into pre-conference planning, and now things are really ramping up for SAS Global Forum. What does that mean for blog readers? You’ll likely see fewer posts from me – but more from some of my fellow SAS bloggers: • Anne-Lindsay