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Partitioning in Hadoop, sorting in SAS--same results, different methods

SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop is a single interactive programming environment for analytics on Hadoop that  integrates analytical data preparation, exploration, modeling and deployment. It’s principle components are the IMSTAT procedure (PROC IMSTAT) and the SAS LASR Analytic Engine (or SASIOLA engine for input-output with LASR). Within the SAS In-Memory Statistics

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Why use Hadoop?

You may still believe that Hadoop is going to solve all of the world’s problems with big data. It won’t. Hadoop is a framework for storing large-scale data processing with both pros and cons for organizations.  Christopher Stevens, from Greenplum, explained that Hadoop is rapidly becoming the go-to for big

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SAS Global Forum Tech Talks

sasglobalforum2012 on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free   New this year to SAS Global Forum are Tech Talks. In this session, Chris Hemedinger is chatting with: High-Performance Data Mining Jared Dean, Director of SAS Enterprise Miner R&D Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis: Case study of AllAnalytics.com Jim Cox, Senior Manager of