Public Health Transformation: Ways to use SAS Viya


Public health agencies around the world are struggling to use the mountains of data at their disposal to be proactive against health threats to their constituents. Whether facing infectious diseases, systemic conditions or environmental challenges, public health personnel need tools to enhance their efficiency and unite their data toward a common goal.

These agencies are also being asked to protect their communities from a wider range of threats with fewer resources. SAS Viya has out-of-the-box tools that public health stakeholders need to collect their data, build robust disease surveillance reports and harness predictive analytics to serve their communities.

At SAS, our epidemiologists are laser-focused on empowering public health agencies to make informed decisions and take actions to protect against threats to human health. SAS is highly experienced at helping governments predict and quickly respond to crises, as well as manage everyday public health activities. SAS helps public health agencies quickly find answers and improve agency effectiveness, whether streamlining data ingestion using open source or creating dynamic visualizations for public use. In these short videos, we will demonstrate a few common and essential public health functions using SAS Viya. Our goal is to show the art of the possible within the realm of accessibility. We appreciate your feedback and Happy Exploring!

1. Create a Surveillance Report

Creating disease surveillance reports is a critical task for public health agencies. Learn how Viya 4 empowers public health personnel to efficiently build reliable reports.

2. Share a Surveillance Report

After developing the disease surveillance reports, there will be a variety of stakeholders who need to be able to receive the information. Using Viya 4 makes sharing these reports easier among stakeholders and constituents.

3. Create Layered Maps

Understanding where disease events are having an impact is crucial for crafting a response. Which communities are being affected and where do resources need to flow? Viya 4's capabilities include powerful, out-of-the-box geocoding tools for any environment.


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Lee Ann Dietz

Global Government and Smart Cities Practice Director

I support government agencies and transportation companies around the world, helping them solve entrenched problems and innovate new revenue sources by applying data management and analytics technologies. My focus includes supporting SAS Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics/Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings around Government and Public Sector.​ I’m passionate about supporting government and public sector agencies to develop insights and make better decisions that improve outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.


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