SAS Administrators: Check out the new and improved support site


The role of SAS administrators is crucial in upholding a company's analytics infrastructure. Their responsibility lies in safeguarding data, making it readily available, and ensuring access to the necessary personnel which is why it was essential to simplify how administrators access the support and resources they need to be efficient in their roles.

SAS has redesigned the support page made just for administrators to provide them with a seamless experience to install and maintain their SAS environment. Make sure to bookmark this page as the resource to continually check.

Some of the new updates include...

➢ Receive the latest updates

Always stay informed about important details, like the latest new technology developments, software updates and patches.

➢ Ease of navigation

Quickly find the information you need, without having to spend hours searching through multiple resources.

➢ More learning and skills development opportunities

From video tutorials to detailed technical books, access a wide range of resources that will help you solve problems and learn new skills. Maintaining a growth mindset with continuous learning helps you stay ahead in your critical role.

➢ Connect with the community

Join a community of other like-minded administrators to ask questions, find solutions, share ideas, and learn new tips.

Explore the recently upgraded support site designed specifically for SAS administrators.


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Gaby Behailu is a Associate Marketing Specialist in the SAS Customer Education Team within Academic and Learn.

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