The SAS Visual Analytics Home Page: It’s not just for Visual Analytics anymore!


As of Visual Analytics 7.2, the home page is designed to serve as the entry point for not only Visual Analytics, but also additional SAS applications and solutions.  To this end, the SAS Visual Analytics home page is documented in both the SAS Visual Analytics Administration Guide and the SAS Intelligence Platform Web Application Administration Guide.  If you have any confusion about how to control administration and use of the new home page, the following information may help.

Prior to the 7.2 release of Visual Analytics, the home page application properties were accessed by expanding SAS Application Infrastructure–>SAS Visual Analytics, under the Configuration Manager Plug-in of SAS Management Console.  With Visual Analytics 7.2, the home page properties (SAS Visual Analytics Hub) are located just below SAS Application Infrastructure, instead of being located under SAS Visual Analytics.


The home page also has its own associated roles beginning with the 7.2 release:

Home:  Usage provides non-administrative functionality for the home page.

Home:  Administration provides all functionality for the home page (suitable for an administrator).


Capabilities for the Home: Usage role:


Keep in mind, that although the ‘Add and View Comments’ capability is listed, the new HTML5 home page doesn’t currently support the display of comments, although this is still supported by the Flex home page.

Capabilities for the Home: Administration role:


Hopefully, knowing where to find these new application properties and roles for the home page will help you in both the Visual Analytics environment and in working with other SAS products and solutions that will use the home page in the future.


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