SAS Global Forum 2015 — bringing focus to the experience!


In this edition of our “We Heard You” blog series, we present responses to the surveys you submitted last year with your suggestions and feedback about the scheduling and structural changes introduced in 2014.  We sifted, synthesized, and prioritized changes based upon trends and your great ideas!

Here are a few of the refinements that will make your SAS Global Forum 2015 experience even better:

  • Make volunteering easier. Now you can find the perfect volunteer opportunity simply by entering your information in the enhanced volunteer coordination and recruitment system.
  • More seating in the breakout rooms. Now more people can attend the presentations they’ve come to Dallas to see. Everything is BIGGER in Texas, right?
  • Longer dining periods. Why not stretch the breaks and lunches while still offering content? Now you don’t have to choose between lunch and that cool Quick Tip. You can do both--we heard you!
  • More time between sessions. You asked for more time to get from one presentation to the next and to take that little break. That sprint for a coffee or a few carrot sticks was a little too much like the Olympics. We got that!
  • Move the Charity Event. Tuesday night is crowded with lots of meetups and social activities, and the charity event is a fantastic networking opportunity. We heard you and have moved the event to Monday evening so you’ll have an opportunity to join in the fun.
  • More opportunities to network. SAS Global Forum and the SAS Executive Conference are held concurrently each year. This year, attendees from both will have an opportunity to meet at Sunday night’s Welcome Reception and the Dessert Reception. We’re together this year!
  • Improved session assessment. Is there an app for that? We heard you, and have made assessment easy from your mobile device! Stay tuned for future posts about the mobile app available in April.

Remember, this is your conference! Built and directed by SAS users in strong collaboration with our SAS colleagues for our community of SAS users. We heard you and continue to refine our already great conference experience.


About Author

Dr. Tyler Smith

Associate Professor, National University School of Health and Human Services

Dr. Tyler Smith is currently an associate professor teaching biostatistics, epidemiology, health informatics, and environmental health and is the program lead for the MS in Health and Life Science Analytics within the School of Health and Human Services at National University. Dr. Smith previously served as Department Head and Director of the Deployment Health Research Department at the Naval Health Research Center where he lead a multi-disciplinary team of more than 35 research professionals in large epidemiologic studies of military occupational and reproductive health. Dr. Smith received a BS in mathematics with an option in statistics, a MS in statistics from the University of Kentucky, and a PhD in epidemiology from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Smith has ~20 years of experience in health research leading large longitudinal studies, infant health registries, and medical health outcomes research and has taught all levels of students from undergraduate to doctoral level. Dr. Smith has served as the Director of Analytics, President and Academic Chair for the Western Users of SAS Software and has also served as Chair for the Statistics and Data Analysis section of the Regional and the International SAS conferences as well as other analytic and data sections and is currently the 2015 SAS Global Forum Conference Chair. These efforts have culminated in over 120 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, ~20 SAS related manuscripts, more than 250 presentations at scholarly meetings and serving as principal investigator or co-investigator on numerous grants totaling in excess of $20,000,000.

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