We heard you! SAS Global Forum 2015 is better than ever.


Each year, SAS Global Forum conference organizers take your responses to surveys and pore over the suggestions and feedback you provide. Content and content delivery are bigger and better than ever at SAS Global Forum 2015 because of your feedback.

Often, as good minds think alike, there will be trends and grouping of comments that really help us to refine the content we seek and the means by which we deliver it.  Below is a high-level list of some of these refinements that center around your remarks on content and content delivery:

  • Offering a few sessions during lunch where lunch is provided. We heard you—some would rather soak up extra content than sit at a table to eat. We have tried to offer both.
  • More recorded material. The fact is that we cannot be in two places at once. With nearly 600 presentations, we heard you and have increased our recording capability so you can catch up on missed sessions at your convenience.
  • A keynote presentation streamed from the SAS Executive Conference. This addition is in response to the level of interest in the great content being presented at the Executive Conference. We plan to increase this integration in the future—we heard you!
  • More hands-on experiences. We heard you—more hands on!
  • Quick Tips in one room with a new room design and a new look and feel.
  • A new session type – Table Talks – roundtable discussions for a more individual experience and interaction with the speaker
  • The Quad has the merchandise store and various “quadrants” to help align program areas (Learn, Network, Play, Socialize). We heard you, the Quad is one of the greatest draws to our attendees and we have worked hard to make this experience even better!
  • Improved scheduler…!!! We knew there were areas for improvement and were grateful for the many suggestions by our attendees as to how to make it better.

Remember, this is your conference!  Built and directed by SAS Users who need feedback from all of you to improve this already great conference. Come and check out the new features based upon your survey feedback!


About Author

Dr. Tyler Smith

Associate Professor, National University School of Health and Human Services

Dr. Tyler Smith is currently an associate professor teaching biostatistics, epidemiology, health informatics, and environmental health and is the program lead for the MS in Health and Life Science Analytics within the School of Health and Human Services at National University. Dr. Smith previously served as Department Head and Director of the Deployment Health Research Department at the Naval Health Research Center where he lead a multi-disciplinary team of more than 35 research professionals in large epidemiologic studies of military occupational and reproductive health. Dr. Smith received a BS in mathematics with an option in statistics, a MS in statistics from the University of Kentucky, and a PhD in epidemiology from the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Smith has ~20 years of experience in health research leading large longitudinal studies, infant health registries, and medical health outcomes research and has taught all levels of students from undergraduate to doctoral level. Dr. Smith has served as the Director of Analytics, President and Academic Chair for the Western Users of SAS Software and has also served as Chair for the Statistics and Data Analysis section of the Regional and the International SAS conferences as well as other analytic and data sections and is currently the 2015 SAS Global Forum Conference Chair. These efforts have culminated in over 120 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals, ~20 SAS related manuscripts, more than 250 presentations at scholarly meetings and serving as principal investigator or co-investigator on numerous grants totaling in excess of $20,000,000.


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    Yes, there is a new and improved mobile app coming in April. We will also be sharing future blog posts regarding the app improvements.
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