What not to wear to SAS Global Forum 2014!


For those of us in the United States, particularly those of us on the East Coast where SAS Global Forum 2014 will be held, it’s been a rough winter! Some mornings I wear so many layers that I feel like that Ralphie’s younger brother in the movie A Christmas Story--“I can’t put my arms down!”

That leads me into this year’s advice on what not to wear to SAS Global Forum 2014!

Snowsuits. They are never a fashion statement, but this winter they’re definitely not a fashion faux pas! Good news is that the weather in Washington, DC, in late March ranges from 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit. So unless you are like Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel, keep your winter digs at home.

Shorts. It won’t be that warm in March so all you snowed-in attendees don’t get too excited about coming out of hibernation! If you do decide to wear them (and I feel compelled to mention this every year), jorts are still a fashion no-no.

Flip flops. They’re the favored footwear and decorating theme of beach-goers everywhere. Again, global warming hasn’t hit so keep those toes tucked away.

Overalls. Word on the street is that they are back in fashion for spring 2014. I say “no” for SAS Global Forum—or anywhere else for that matter!

Sock monkey hat. As of late I have seen many adults wearing these made for children accessories. Really? As a reminder, SAS Global Forum has a policy of no children under 16 permitted in the conference space, so we probably shouldn’t see anyone wearing these.

Too tight clothing. Need I say more? I do think a positive trend and fashion accessory is the get-fit bracelets that track your daily activity or as my friend lovingly refers to them as “those @#%&! bands”. I will be wearing mine proudly. My once too-tight clothing is no longer with the help of data from my new best friend.

USA Olympic sweaters. I am proud to be an American except when I saw what Team USA was forced to wear. But the United States wasn’t the only Olympic nation in questionable couture at the Sochi Opening Ceremony. Like the Olympics, SAS Global Forum is an international affair, so your own culture and style are always in. Any Olympians attending SAS Global Forum, let us know what you thought of the sweater!

No matter what they choose to wear, SAS users are individuals. Like the conference theme, it’s the “Potential of One, Power of All” that makes it happen. Be you, be proud and be in Washington, DC, March 23-26, 2014.

Editor's Note:  Many thanks to SAS Marketing Specialist Katie Strange for sharing this great photo of her son Thomas wearing his dad's vintage snow suit.  


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    • Any Norwegian curlers out there coming to SAS Global Forum? I am sure they uses SAS prior to the event to predict which outfits would get the most love.
      The pants with roses were my favs. If you have a pair of those pants Andy, by all means, sport them with honor!

  1. I guess I should bust out my boots and cowboy hat to give props to Texas. On second thought, Warren already did that back in 2008 when he was here. There should be a cultural night where everyone wears something from where they come from. Okay, I'm a geek. Just trying to get into the spirit! Looking forward to it!

    • Lisa,
      Great shout out to the 2015 SAS Global Forum taking place in Dallas, TX April 26-29 next year.
      Cowboy boots and a little boot scootin' will be in order for the kick back party this year to get us ready. I think cowboy boots are always in fashion no matter the location of the conference but I'm a country girl at heart.

  2. Vince DelGobbo on

    Congratulations, Sara, for getting a "bit fit" 😉

    Because I know that you like to try new things, how about showing off your data in a SAS Visual Analytics Exploration? Or if you have Big Data, load it into Hadoop, and then analyze it using SAS In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop.

    • Congrats to ALL those who are now a "bit-fit" by using data to analyze behavior. I know I am not alone. Maybe an early morning run, or should I say PROC RUN, for all those using data to improve health is in order. I will be out there running along the Potomac each morning around 5:30 -feel free to join me.

      See you in DC

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