Unofficial Official Guide to SAS Global Forum – What Not to Wear Part II


Unofficial Official Guide to SAS Global Forum – What Not to Wear Part 2

Who knew ... geeks are chic? At least SAS geeks are chic!

Due to the overwhelming response to the last post on the Unofficial Official Guide to SAS Global Forum - What not to Wear I thought I would follow it up with Part II.

I gathered some more fashion-forward colleagues and I asked “What would you NOT wear to SAS Global Forum?”

A: “Jorts” For those who are not aware these are jean shorts. Unless you are able to slide across the hood of the General Lee, jean shorts are out. For men, I hope they were never considered IN.
As an FYI, shorts for the most part are not considered business casual so better to stay away

A: Overalls – Unless you are under the age of two – PLEASE DON’T!
Having visited the North Carolina State Fair more than a few times, I am hoping my fellow North Carolinians are reading this and when October rolls around this advice will carry over.

A .White Fluffy Cats (or other domestic animals) - Service animals aside, live animals as an accessory = not a style. The exception to this rule is CeeLo Green (hope to see you at SAS Global Forum).
Let me assure everyone - you will meet enough new friends at SAS Global Forum – no need to carry one around in your purse.

A. Fanny Packs – If I can stress one item, this is the one. It might be the biggest no-no there is when it comes to fashion. They weren’t even IN when they were IN. Definitely not large enough for a live animal (already established as “not a style”) so leave these at home. Better yet, throw them out, they aren’t even donation worthy.

A. Crop Tops (Belly Shirts) – As my son (6) says when my daughter (2) leaves the bathroom door open – “Ugh, No one needs to see that!!!”

To all my colleagues who helped  and the readers who have commented, thank you. I am on my way to Chico's since my closet has now been depleted of just about all my clothing 🙂

Should this be a session topic next year? Heck, why wait a year other SAS Users Groups are on the horizon many with open call for papers as we speak. For more information on other SAS Users Groups and how to submit a paper, visit


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  2. I would like to say one more thing about fashion and SAS Global Forum 2012. No matter what SAS users wear, they are the coolest, smartest people I know! Wear your fashion, whatever it may be - snuggie, fanny pack, jorts, and wear them proud!

  3. Katie Strange on

    Ut oh - don't make my mistake and pack BEFORE you read this! 🙂 Hopefully the fashion police won't stop me (sound effect: i'm clearing my throat to Sara right now)!

  4. Chris Hemedinger
    Chris Hemedinger on

    So I suppose I should leave my Jeggings at home?

    And what about a Snuggie? The SAS Support & Demo Area can get kind of chilly.

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