5 tips for using the SAS Global Forum 2014 Conference Scheduler


Hopefully, you’ve listened to SAS Global Forum 2014 Conference Chair Marje Fecht talk about the focus on content at this year’s conference. The Conference Scheduler is central to achieving that goal, helping you easily find and schedule the presentations, tutorials and activities that meet your needs and interests.

In this post, I’ll try to highlight a few of our favorite features. Please comment below to share your tips and tricks with other conference attendees. Let us know how the Conference Scheduler is helping you customize your SAS Global Forum experience!

 Justify your trip with conference content.    Screen capture of home page with View Session/Attendees selection highlighted

Are you still looking for budget approval to attend SAS Global Forum 2014?  Even if you haven’t registered for the conference, you can View Sessions—there are about 500 opportunities available at this year’s conference. Narrow your options by selecting filters from the left menu or use the keyword search for specific topics. To justify your trip, be sure to include a brief list of conference content and presenters that relate to topics of particular interest to your organization. The letter template helps you spell out the general benefits as well.

Don’t delete the email confirming your registration.  

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email from SAS Global Forum 2014 with your conference login ID and password. These two pieces of information are your passport to additional functionality within the Conference Scheduler.

Whenever an item interests you, select it.

I’m suggesting this for two reasons.  First, the scheduler application is trainable. The more items you tag, the better the application gets at finding content that suits you. Second, like any other conference, there are bound to be two or three just-perfect presentations at the same time. If you mark each one as an interest, all of them will appear on your conference calendar, giving you more flexibility in planning your day.

Don’t forget to fill out your profile.

And make sure to accept the terms and conditions!  One of the super nice features of this year’s conference is the ability to connect with presenters and other attendees—before, during and after the conference. Your personal profile lets you determine how you want others to communicate with you.

Download the conference mobile application.

Is your life on your mobile?  Then we have more good news. The selections you make in your Conference Scheduler account can be exported to your online Outlook calendar (or other calendar application.) In March, you can go to iTunes store and download the SAS Global Forum 2014 conference mobile application, which will automatically sync up with your online agenda.


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