From potential to power: Inside SAS Global Forum with Marje Fecht


I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Marje Fecht was selected as the conference chair for SAS Global Forum 2014. This was April 2011, and I was at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas. That's not my usual "clubbing" scene, but we were at the kickback party for SAS Global Forum 2011. And Marje told me the news herself.

This moment impressed me for two reasons. First, I was amazed at how early the planning begins for future conferences. We were still in the middle of the 2011 conference and the committee was already assembling the team for the 2014 conference, which seemed FOREVER away.

Second, and perhaps more notable, Marje seemed super-enthused about this appointment. She had just volunteered for a boat-load of work that was going to occupy her for the next 3-or-so years. SAS Global Forum is run by volunteers, and no one personifies the extent of that commitment more than the conference chair. This was going to take over a big chunk of her life, and she was smiling. Actually, she was beaming!

It occurred to me then (and it's been confirmed since) that Marje is a person with a lot of ideas. She and the rest of the committee have put these ideas to work over the past 3 years, and we're now seeing the results. SAS Global Forum 2014 has a renewed focus on content, and on making sure that all attendees can find the right content that fits their needs and the needs of the companies they work for.

I recently asked Marje about the theme of the conference (Potential of One, Power of All) and about the focus on content. As it happens, some video cameras caught our candid-and-completely-unplanned conversation. Watch the video to hear Marje discuss how everything about the conference is designed to match you up with the best information. You'll even hear how the new content navigator can help you to assemble an agenda before you register -- something that can buoy your business case for attending!


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