Top 3 style trends for SAS Global Forum 2013


The Data Scientist has been called the sexiest job of the 21st century. And, 2013 is the International Year of Statistics. With all this focus and attention, it’s no longer What NOT to wear at SAS Global Forum but WHAT DO YOU WEAR?

Fashion trends for 2013 have been getting some coverage recently. But, these runway designs don’t really strike me as the things that would be appropriate for the super stylish data scientist – or any SAS user for that matter. So I thought they could be translated to a little more geek couture and a little less haute couture.

1. Seeing stripes

Hey all you coders, think barcodes, QR codes and even lines of SAS code. But remember, your eye travels the length of the stripes so for those (like me) who have a little more width than height, you might want to keep the lines of code to a vertical application.

2. Chambray and denim

Rock on!! Geeks created ”Casual Friday” during the .com explosion, so this is the perfect trend for us. It is a little more casual than business, but it still has its place. Stay away from the Canadian tuxedo. Take a nice dark washed jean with a trendy t-shirt and blazer or a nice sweater or blouse. This kind of outfit is even great for the office.

3. Water, water everywhere

San Francisco is the city by the bay, so water-inspired is the perfect trend for SAS Global Forum 2013. Don’t think surfer shorts, flip flops, and bikinis, definitely not appropriate conference attire! Insead think shades of blues, grays and khaki’s. It will give you the beach look not shocked looks.

So what’s your SAS style? Let us know, and stay tuned for more tips and trends to keep the style in SAS Global Forum.

See you in San Francisco!


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Sara Jones, CMP

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Events Project Manager at SAS working with users groups such as NESUG, WUSS, and others.


  1. Great tips Sara! When I read "So what's your SAS Style?", I automatically thought of SAS ODS Styles... I tend to like the minimal or normal style 🙂

    I thought I would also let your readers know there is a SASGf13 TweetUp on Sat 27th where it is encouraged (with an extra raffle ticket) for attendees to wear a previous SAS conference t-shirt or a shirt from where they are from. We look forward to seeing the diversity...

    Details of SASGF13 TweetUp can be found at

    • I must admit, I own a blazer or two. Of course mine are not of the Yacht Club or airline uniform style that you may be speaking of. I may break out my trendy one at SAS Global Forum since you never know the temperature in San Francisco!

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