WUSS 2012 Best Contributed Papers!


Congratulations to all of these presenters for having been selected as Best Contributed Paper at WUSS 2012. Make sure you read all of the proceedings - you don't want to miss anything.


Analytics & Statistics
Estimating Harrell’s optimism on predictive indices using bootstrap samples. Irena Stijacic Cenzer1,  Yinghui Miao2,  Katharine Kirby1,  John Boscardin1
1University of California, San Francisco, 2NCIRE

Applications Development
Set Yourself Free -Use ODS Report Writing Technology in SAS EG Instead of Dynamic Data Exchange in PC SAS
Robert Springborn OSHPD/Healthcare Outcomes Center

 Business Intelligence
SAS® 9.3® BI Case Study: Performance Scalability and Tuning on Servers with Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 Family
Yingping Zhang Intel

Coder's Corner
Best Practices: PUT More Errors and Warnings in My Log, Please!
Mary Rosenbloom1 and Kirk Paul Lafler2 1
Edwards Lifesciences, LLC, Irvine, CA, 2Software Intelligence Corporation,Spring Valley,California

Data Management
Simplifying Effective Data Transformation Via PROC TRANSPOSE
Arthur Li City of Hope

Data Presentation & Reporting
The Evolution of SAS Programs Used to Analyze Judicial Salaries
Humberto Cisneros and Carrin Huff
Arizona Supreme Court  

Health Outcomes and Healthcare Research Methodologies
Modular processing for Prep-to-research anaylsis- interfacing XML SAS and Microsoft Excel
David Tabano
Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Research

Connect with Professionals Around the World with LinkedIn®, sasCommunity.org®, and Business Media
Charlie Shipp1 and Kirk Paul Lafler2 1
Consider Consulting, Inc., 2Software Intelligence Corporation  

SAS® Enterprise Guide®
 SAS Enterprise Guide: Point, Click and Run is all that takes…
Aruna Buddana
TiVo Inc


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+Waynette Tubbs is the Editor of the Risk Management Knowledge Exchange at SAS, Managing Editor of sascom Magazine and Editor of the SAS Tech Report. Tubbs has developed a comprehensive portfolio of strategic business and marketing communications during her career spanning 15 years of magazine, marketing and agency work.

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  1. Chris Hemedinger
    Chris Hemedinger on

    I attended the presentation about Analyzing Judicial Salaries by Humberto and Carrin. It was fascinating! It wasn't just the SAS approach that was interesting, but the business problem: understanding how justices are compensated, the judicial case load and mix, and how changes in case loads have a big impact on the justices' bottom line.

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