Time flies - Time for fall SAS users conferences


Unbelievable: It's already August. When I was a child, my mother used to talk about how time flies when you become an adult, and that I shouldn't wish my life away by always wanting to be older than my years or longing for something that was just beyond my maturity level. I didn't believe her then because it always seemed as though the really fun things were just out of my reach – roller skates, a ten-speed bike, makeup, coed parties, driving.

I've certainly found the worth in her words as I've grown older. It seems as though it was just yesterday that we were planning for SAS Global Forum, and now we are just weeks away from the first US Regional Conference. And there is a long list of SAS Forums around the globe, too. Are you registered? Check here for SAS Forums and here for SAS Users Groups events near you.

While you are at those events, remember those of us who are not there and SHARE. Post your photos on Instagram using the conference hashtag and #sasusers. Many of us are also listening on Twitter, so post your thoughts about the event using the conference hashtag and #sasuser. Finally, we'd love to see a writeup right here on the SAS Users Groups blog. (Send me an email for information about how to post.)

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