Analytics 2012 poster competition deadline!


Poster presentations are a great opportunity to present in a less formal, less stressful format than the full session, but the poster presentation still gives you a great opportunity for professional feedback and a chance to go to a great conference. Well, good news! You still have time to submit your poster abstract for Analytics 2012, held in Las Vegas October 8-9. Get your pencils ready - here are the details. Oh, and if you are a student, you could compete for a free ALL EXPENSES PAID trip!

The Analytics 2012 Poster session is open to all analytics practitioners – from corporate or academic fields.  The conference asks that all presenters be available to present their posters at the event and that the posters contain original research. Check here for other details and the submission form.

Student Poster Contest — Win a scholarship for a free trip to Analytics 2012! The six most impressive poster abstracts submitted by students will be awarded an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas to attend Analytics 2012. The prize includes airfare, hotel, meals and a free conference registration. A committee will judge the abstracts and decide the winners by September 7, 2012. You must be a full-time student at an accredited university or college to be considered. Students who were full-time students in the 2011-2012 academic year are also eligible. For consideration, abstracts must be received by August 22, 2012 and final posters must be received for judging by August 30, 2012. Read our official contest guidelines for more information.

They are only accepting a limited number of abstracts, so don't wait!

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  1. Which topics are included for poster competition? For instance, Decision Support Systems for complex problems in field of Operations Research is acceptable for submission? Thanks in advance.

    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      Great question Sertalp,

      Here is the list of 2011 poster presentations:

      Inside the Black Box of Neural Networks
      Concrete Mixture Predictive Modeling
      Weaving Newcomers in the Fabric of US Society
      Does It Matter What They Say? A Text Mining Analysis of Presidential State of the Union Addresses
      Generalized Dynamic Factor Models for Mixed-Measurement Time Series
      The Financial Impact of Medicare, Part D
      Two ARIMA Models for Load Estimation in Distribution Power Systems with AMI Data
      Comparison of K-Means, Normal Mixtures and Probabilistic-D Clustering for B2B Segmentation
      Using XML/SWF Charts Software to Display Economic Data on the Web
      Top Performer Analysis of Stores Using Data Mining Techniques
      Analysis of Data Mining Methods on Skin Conditions
      Developments in Business Intelligence Software
      Forecast Electric Load Consumption with Recency Effects: A Regression Approach
      A Simpler, New Approach to Non-Dimensional Analysis of Correlated Data Using SAS
      Exploring Trends in Topics via Text Mining SUGI and SAS Global Forum Proceedings Abstracts
      Visualization of the Sentiment Tweets
      A SAS Macro for Data Set Profiling
      Analyzing Sentiments Expressed on Walmart's Gender Discrimination Verdict in Tweets Using SAS Text Miner
      Gene Regulatory Network Inference Based on Bayesian Network
      Trends of Complications Associated with Renal Stents: Reported in FDA's MAUDE database from 1996 - 2011

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