Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Extracting data from Oracle


It's so important for companies to build what customers want rather than build a product and then convince the market to buy it. So I love it when I hear or read remarks like the one below - SAS has grown with me. That means that we have listened to your feedback and made SAS software more appropriate to your needs - year after year after year.


"I've been using SAS since 1982 and have loved how it has grown with me. Now I use SAS to retrieve data from an Oracle DB to create clinical analyst files of new data points tables; Listing QL report and analysis of clinical measurement! Thanks SAS!"

This is the part of the post where I usually try to help you find more information about the "Inspiration." In a couple of my previous posts, I've looked only at SAS Global Forum 2012 proceedings, but Lex Jansen pointed out that there are many proceedings to choose from. So, I went to his site and searched only on "oracle db." Those terms returned 273 results.

I'd also add that there are many places to find great information about using SAS.  Michelle Homes has blogged about some of those great SAS resources on The Training Post blog. Check it out and then bookmark it!


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  1. With regards to pulling data from Oracle, I too have used SAS (SAS Data Integration Studio) to pull data from Oracle and load into another database. DI Studio proved to be a very user-friendly tool and the learning curve was very minimal.

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