Sneak peek at AnnMaria getting her 'Geek On' at SAS Global Forum


I follow quite a few SAS users who blog. One of my favorites - because she shares my quirky wit and hatred for shopping - is Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, author of AnnMaria's blog. She has a way of telling stories that leaves me in stitches. I was reading about how AnnMaria is going to spend her time at SAS Global Forum and decided that some of you might like ideas from a seasoned SAS professional (no harm intended AnnMaria).

AnnMaria will present SAS® Enterprise Guide® with SAS® On-Demand for Academics: Everything You Need to Know After "It's Free" on Tuesday afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 3:10 p.m. in Southern Hemisphere I. This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn the administrative details (how and where to get it, set up students account, upload files), use SAS Enterprise Guide to solve both simple and complex statistical problems and practice troubleshooting some of the more common issues that arise when using SAS On-Demand for teaching.  You'll actually run tasks that were used for two research projects, a descriptive statistics analysis from survey data and a survival analysis. Hands-on work means you'll learn this stuff, not just take notes while AnnMaria talks!

Check out AnnMaria's blog post SAS Global Forum: Getting my Geek on to see the list of presentations she'll be attending during SAS Global Forum. If you won't be able to attend this year's conference, you can download her presentation and follow her on Twitter (@annmariastat)


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