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Today, I have truly taken a chapter from the book - perhaps in more ways than one. I happened to notice that Art Carpenter's most recent book is titled, "Carpenter's Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques." Of course, you know that linking innovation and SAS are going to be a trigger for me, but get this ... When I say a chapter from the book, I mean this legend among SAS users is giving you a free chapter up front!

Carpenter's Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques

Art Carpenter has written 15 chapters for advanced programmers. He includes topics such as data summary, data analysis and data reporting, and has placed special emphasis on DATA step techniques that solve complex data problems. Of course the book is chock full of examples. Take a look of this free chapter, and order a copy at the SAS Training & Bookstore.


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  1. Shelly Goodin on

    For the past couple of years, SAS Publishing’s held author book drawings in the demo room. This year, to mix things up, we're holding a drawing for a Kindle Fire instead. We'll also have several Twitter book giveaways onsite, so I hope everyone attending will follow us on Twitter at @SASPublishing and use the SAS Global Forum hashtag #SASGF12 to hear about these opportunities!

  2. Shelly Goodin on

    Thank you Waynette! Love the large cover image and appreciate your letting users know about this free content.

    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      My pleasure. Honestly, I couldn't help myself: I'm a sucker for innovation with SAS and Art is one of the SAS Rock Stars! By the way, I heard the SAS Publishing is giving away a book at each of our SAS author's presentations. Is that true? Could you tell us a bit about that?

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