Friday's Innovation Inspiration - Surface complexation modeling


What is surface complexation? Everyday I have to look something up on Google or in the dictionary. For example, do you know what a Cthulhu is? I had to search for that term after I tweeted that I thought a SAS surface plot graph was beautiful. Mike Nemecek from SAS said that I was delusional and compared its beauty to the fictional Cthulhu.

Surface complexation modeling with SAS is the innovative idea that this Post-It Note author decided to share with us. He or she has decided to switch from the more traditional FITEQL method to SAS, which in the author's words, "is an entirely new approach, not been tried by anyone." I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that paper during the next couple of SAS Global Forums! (Sorry to say that the content will be over my head!)

Good luck with the work. It sounds like the results will be beneficial for us all.



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