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It's the holiday season again in the US. Every December, many of us break out the holly, mistletoe, fir and SAS software to ring in the Christmas spirit. What's that? Do you mean to tell me that you don't use the world's leading business analytics software to play Jingle Bells! Well, this user does:

Whatever season you are celebrating right now, I hope it isn't crazy.


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  1. Waynette Tubbs
    Waynette Tubbs on

    Colm Smyth (@colmsmyth on Twitter), a SAS user, database designer and Chief blogger for Ireland's Technology Blog, showed me this SAS code for playing Christmas music. He found it on the SAS-L archives..
    Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 14:46:34 -0500
    Subject: Holiday Tune Courtesy of SAS
    I'm sure some of you have seen this before, but I figured, I'd send this
    out for the holidays.
    This was forwarded to me by a colleague of mine who had received it
    somewhere else a few years ago.
    Copy the code and execute it in SAS.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,
    Mark J. Lamias
    data holidays;
    retain fmtname '@$holiday';
    length data $3;
    ratio = 1.05946309436;
    str1 ='A A#B C C#D D#E F F#G G#';
    str2='A BbCbB#DbD EbFbE#GbG Ab';
    o = 1;
    do i = 0 to 87;
    p = 55 * ratio**i;
    data = compress(substr(str1,mod(i,12)*2+1,2)||o);
    if data^=compress(substr(str2,mod(i,12)*2+1,2)||o) then do;
    data = compress(substr(str2,mod(i,12)*2+1,2)||o);
    if mod(i,12)=2 then o=o+1;
    rename data=start p=label;
    keep fmtname data p;

    proc format cntlin=holidays;

    %macro play(input);
    data _Null_;
    %let i=1;
    %do %while(%scan(&input,&i,%str( ))^=);
    %let note = %scan(&input,&i,%str( ));
    %let pitch = %upcase(%scan(&note,1,=));
    %let duration = %scan(&note,2,=);
    %let i = %eval(&i+1);
    %if &pitch=R %then
    call sleep((1/&duration)*750);
    call sound(input("&pitch",$holiday.),(1/&duration)*300);

    C6=1 B5=1.5 A5=6 G5=1 R=2 F5=2 E5=1 D5=1 C5=1
    R=2 G5=2 A5=1 R=2 A5=2 B5=1 R=2 B5=2 C6=.33
    C6=2 C6=2 B5=2 A5=2 G5=2 G5=1.5 F5=4 E5=2
    C6=2 C6=2 B5=2 A5=2 G5=2 G5=1.5 F5=4 E5=2 E5=2
    E5=2 E5=2 E5=2 E5=4 F5=4 G5=1 R=4 F5=4 E5=4
    D5=2 D5=2 D5=2 D5=4 E5=4 F5=1 R=4 E5=4 D5=4
    C5=2 C6=1 A5=2 G5=1.5 F5=6 E5=2 F5=2 E5=1 D5=1 C5=1

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