PREMIER takes charge of the Credit CARD Act


The Obama Administration and subprime lenders agree on one thing: Borrowers with bad credit lack the clout - both financial and political - to rebuild their lives without help from somebody ... somewhere. Where they disagree - royally - is over how.

The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 (CARD) protects borrowers from "exorbitant and unnecessary" credit-card fees and restricts the rates, fees and limits that issuers can charge.

Though intended in part to protect desperate consumers needing a fresh start in life, the legislation, in effect, threatened to shutter the only lenders willing to help them rebuild.

Banks that wanted to stay in the subprime market scrambled to imagine, test, and then market products that would return profits worthy of all the risk.

PREMIER Bankcard led that charge. By applying acumen to analytics, Rex Pruitt, PREMIER's Manager of Profitability and Risk, delivered the evidence his bosses needed to conclude, confidently and accurately, that PREMIER could indeed thrive in the post-CARD, subprime market.

Earlier this week at the Midwest SAS Users Group Conference, Pruitt talked about how business analytics forged PREMIER's successful - and profitable - new business strategies. Be sure to read his paper for all the details, including lots of impressive numbers ... oh, and lots of brilliant stuff about SAS!


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