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With a combined 62 years of experience using SAS and JMP, consultants Kirk Paul Lafler and Charles Edwin Shipp have authored countless papers, articles, books - even puzzles - about analytics. Over the years, they've pretty much seen the world more than a few times during their travels to international, regional and local user conferences. Not only have they amassed a fortune in frequent-flyer miles, they've managed to bank some useful tips to share with fellow SAS and JMP enthusiasts.

One thing they've learned - well, two things - is that SAS and JMP users access, create and support a wealth of powerful websites, while too many others simply do not know the best places to go online to find answers and share ideas.

This week at the Midwest SAS Users Group Conference in Overland Park, Kansas, Lafler and Shipp unveiled the top 10 sites every SAS and JMP user should bookmark. They compiled the list from responses to "unscientific" user surveys.

Their paper includes information about each site as well as some information about how they decided which ones, out of the scores of recommendations, to include. So. No more sifting through a million responses from a Google search!


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