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SAS Vice President of Technical Support Annette Harris announced the features that will be added to SAS software and solutions as voted on by users through the SASware® Ballot.

“Jim Goodnight always stresses the importance of listening to you, our users, and to be receptive to your ideas and suggestions,” Harris said. “The SASware ballot is another way to do that. It allows SAS users from all around the world to vote for features they would like to see added to our software and services. It helps us make our software better and more responsive to your needs."

The forthcoming enhancements include:

  • Adding the NOPRINT option to the PROC DATASETS statement.
  • Adding syntax that enables users to trim values when creating macro variables that use the INTO clause.
  • Providing the ability to refresh updated formats without restarting the SAS OLAP Server.

“We’re working on many, many more items from the ballot, but I hope this gives you a small sample of how seriously we take your ideas and listen to you.”

SAS has unveiled a new SASware Ballet that allows SAS to continuously update the ballet as your suggestions are submitted. Read about the new SASware Ballet and then vote!


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