Networking or working the Net?


There was a time when climbing the social and professional ladder meant you had to join the right clubs and shake the right hands. Effective networkers smiled at all of the right jokes, went to this party but not that and handed out business cards like a politician hands out kisses. But today, most of those norms have been replaced with online resumes, informal profiles and hourly status updates. Does this leave you struggling to find a networking arena that fits you? has developed an online networking and messaging center called SAS Global Forum Connect Online.

SAS Global Forum Connect Online is similar to LinkedIn in that you are creating a profile to allow others in the community to find you based upon your specified qualities and interests. The main distinction is that SAS Global Forum Connect is hosted on, a community of SAS users who share technical help and SAS code with one another throughout the year.

SAS Global Forum Connect is the latest in a long string of community-focused additions to the site. In the past year, updates have included a blog page called Planet, Tip of the Day, a @sasCommunity Twitter ID and an Employment Opportunity Registry.

If you are attending SAS Global Forum, your SAS Global Forum Connect Online can help you find others who are also attending. You can schedule get togethers with old friends or find a new friend or research connection. SAS Global Forum Connect Online is also open to you if you aren’t able to attend the conference. Use the message board year round to stay connected to SAS colleagues, plan presentations, share technical content, ask for help or mentor other SAS users.

Couple SAS Global Forum Connect Online with the SAS Global Forum Personal Agenda Builder and you’ll be sure to have a full dance card in Seattle!


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+Waynette Tubbs is the Editor of the Risk Management Knowledge Exchange at SAS, Managing Editor of sascom Magazine and Editor of the SAS Tech Report. Tubbs has developed a comprehensive portfolio of strategic business and marketing communications during her career spanning 15 years of magazine, marketing and agency work.

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