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In hopes of adding to your SAS Global Forum experience, we've kicked off a SAS presenters series. Here, we’ve asked some of the SAS presenters five questions to learn more about what makes them tick, why they chose to present and what they hoped you would take away from the presentation. Take a look at Robert Chu’s answers.

Robert Chu, Senior Manager, Software Development

Robert, tell me a fun fact about you that would make your personality come alive for the readers. (For example, did you have a ridiculous first car that really tells people who you are? Do you decorate your office in 18th century Chinese artwork? Do you kite fish or snowboard?)
I came to the United States 20 some years ago, but never stopped paying close attention to what happened in my hometown, which publishes only one printed newspaper, three times every month. As a subscriber, I’ve gotten each edition of the newspaper sent to my home in North Carolina. I read every article. Recently, I went back childhood home to visit my teachers, friends, schoolmates and relatives. It was hard for me to hide the fact that I knew more local news than they did, and then I got a kick out of it when I saw their shocked and surprised faces.

This is my first SAS Global Forum; have you ever been before?
This is my seventh attendance of SAS Global Forum. I always enjoy seeing old acquaintances and having enjoyable dinners and chats with them.

You, Jifa Wei, Emily Gao and Frank Wang wrote Dashboard Reports for Predictive Model Management for SAS Global Forum. What did you hope that customers would take away from that paper?
Customers could potentially create many predictive models and want to know very quickly how those models are performing. The problem is as hard to address as it is complicated. I hope the technologies described in the paper will whet customers’ appetites as to how they could go about addressing their model performance monitoring concerns.

During your presentation, what were the most important highlights or questions that you hoped to cover?
I wanted to cover the big picture instead of going into details as the audience member backgrounds are diversified. The most important highlight was to connect what is described in the paper to business ROI (Return on Investment.)


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