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Day One at SAS Analytics 2011

Day one of SAS' Analytics 2011 conference is in the books and wow, what a great opening day. As I mentioned in my post from yesterday, Anaytics 2011 is SAS' analytics conference and covers all areas of analytics, including forecasting, data mining, visualization, text mining, and optimization. When I took the stage this morning (with

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Greetings from Analytics 2011

Hello everyone. My name is Jerry Oglesby and I’m the Sr. Director of SAS’ Global Academic and Certification Program and the co-chair of SAS’ 14th annual analytics conference, Analytics 2011. For those of you joining us in Orlando starting today (Monday), we’ve put together an impressive program for you and

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Data mining in the financial services industry

The Analytics Conference is coming up soon (October 24-25, Orlando)!  To refresh your memory, the Analytics Conference Series is a merger of three annual educational conferences: the data mining conference, the business forecasting conference and the analytics conference held in Europe. Today I'd like to highlight a popular past and

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Statistical Analysis for Better Tasting Wine

In this video, M2010 Data Mining Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Simon Sheather compares classification trees and logistic regression and discusses situations in which logistic regression is expected to outperform classification trees and vice versa. In 2001, Dr. Sheather was named an honorary fellow of the American Statistical Association. Since 2006,

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Data Mining and How To Avoid Them

Our M2010 Data Mining Conference keynote speaker, Dick De Veaux from Williams College just finished his entertaining and informative presentation. He thoughtfully noted that our location (Las Vegas) is very appropriate for the subject of his presentation. Are you guilty of any of these data mining sins? Luckily, Dick also