Cynthia Zender

Cynthia Zender is an instructor and course developer at SAS Institute. With Lauren Haworth and Michele Burlew, she has co-authored the book "Output Delivery System: The Basics and Beyond."

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Are you at a graphics crossroads?

When we were out to dinner one night, with my daughter and her friend, Leanne, the girls were having a hard time deciding on their orders. Leanne joked that it was too hard to "tween bechoose" all the items on the menu. When I talk to some of my students

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What's so great about SPANROWS?

A customer just recently posted this on our Facebook page: “Dear SAS: Thank you for SPANROWS!” That question inspired me to write a quick blog that is not going to refer to Herman Melville or James Joyce in regard to learning SAS! I will return to those blog topics soon.

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Understand the Work

At the end of my first blog, I said I would explain more about those literature analyzing skills and what all that literature stuff has to do with SAS. I showed my “skills list” and discussed how learning to write a SAS program could be compared to analyzing a work