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sas forecastingIn the spirit of our “40 and forward” theme to celebrate 40 years of SAS, this blog focuses on David Dickey, an accomplished SAS user since 1974 and a SAS instructor since 1981. He actually co-wrote the original Time Series SAS course in 1981, and helped with the most recent version. He is also the co-author of the classic, SAS for Forecasting Time Series, Second Edition, with John C. Brocklebank; and is currently working on a third edition.

Time series forecasting has come a long way since the first edition published! In this third edition the authors will demonstrate how to model and forecast simple autoregressive (AR) processes using PROC ARIMA, and you will learn how to fit autoregressive and vector ARMA processes using the STATESPACE and VARMAX procedures.

SAS software has also moved forward quite significantly.  Our state-of-the-art solution for large-scale automatic forecasting, SAS Forecast Server, includes the Time Series Studio GUI for time series exploration and segmentation, and the powerful SAS/ETS for econometric and time series analysis.

Forecasting tasks are also available in SAS Studio – click here for a free tutorial to learn about the forecasting tasks you can use in your analysis of time series data in SAS Studio.

Our SAS Press authors are very special people. In this video, we ask them about their experience writing a book, how it changed their lives, and one thing not many people know about them!

Watch and learn a little more about David and his experience with SAS Press.

After watching if you are inspired to write a book we’d love to hear from you – just send us a brief outline – that’s all it takes to get started!


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  1. Robert Allison
    Robert Allison on

    I also wanted to note another of Dr. Dickey's accomplishments ... he's the one who showed me the power & flexibility of SAS/Graph (when I was a student in his Time Series Analysis grad course at NCSU, and also saw some of his SUGI/etc presentations), and seeing what he could do with it inspired me to become an expert in SAS/Graph!

    Robert - The Graph Guy

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