Release the fourth one first, they did!


If you're just a casual Star Wars fan, you might be confused about the order of the movies. Here's a SAS graph that will help you make sense of it all, before Episode VII comes out this week!



If you'd like to see how I created this custom graph, here's a link to the SAS code. There are all kinds of neat tricks demonstrated in the code, such as: annotating bars and labels, html hover-text and drill downs, date axis by 5-year increments, and the roman numeral numeric format.

And in the "random pictures from my friends" department ... I asked a handful of my co-workers if they had any Star Wars toys in their office. Within about 1 minute, I got a reply from Gordon that he just so happened to have a Yoda golf driver head cover! (Yoda is kind of a 'thing' here in SAS R&D, if you hadn't heard!)


And here's a picture of my friend Mary's daughter, dressed as Rey with a lightsaber. (You can hear the sound effects, if you listen closely! LOL)


What was your favorite Star Wars toy when you were growing up?


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