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Books are anything but boring in Las Vegas. Just ask Stacey Hamilton and Lisanne Roskam, who’ve spent the past two days in the SAS bookstore at Analytics 2012.

Despite their hectic pace, I managed to track down a few conference highlights from Stacey (a developmental editor for SAS Press—and a runner) this afternoon:

“Lisanne and I enjoyed a fabulous reception last night with all kinds of scrumptious goodies--as well as networking with authors and customers. It’s been great seeing SAS Press authors Arthur Kordon, Glenn Bailey, Gerhard Svolba, and Emmett Cox. And it’s always rewarding working with engaged and happy customers! One particular conference highlight has been a fun game where each booth stamps an attendees' card. When the card is full, the attendees turn it in for a chance to win an iPad. The bookstore had the coolest stamp.”

Some of the most in-demand analytics books have included:



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