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Michael Raithel even makes time to run the L.A. Marathon

Please don’t tell me that you do not have the time to write a book for SAS Press.  I already know that.  You have a lot of things to attend to:  a demanding job, family responsibilities, housework, yard work, shopping, cooking, eating, reading, favorite TV shows, commuting, sports to play, a pet to care for, exercise classes to attend, and a significant other to keep reasonably happy.  And, somewhere between all of those responsibilities you need to sleep too, right?  So, where would you find the time to write a book?

The good news is that the 282 SAS Press authors who wrote a total of 200 SAS books weren’t that much different than you are.  They had work responsibilities, domestic obligations, and personal tasks that kept them busy.  And, they did get some sleep too.  Yet, they did manage to find the time to squeeze writing into their busy lives and become published authors.  So, it obviously can be done.

I juggled my own real life and writing when I wrote my first book, the second edition of that book, my second book, and now when I am writing my third book.  I rearranged my impossibly busy schedule so that I would have the time to realize my ambition of presenting written technical material to other SAS professionals.  It can be done.  Believe me; when you sign a book contract with SAS Press, you find the time. 

Maybe you can go to work a bit earlier so that you can come home earlier and write.  Perhaps you don’t need to sleep so late on the weekends.  Maybe you can switch off child care or pet care activities with your significant other.  Try skipping a few parties for a while; you will earn brownie points when people find out you are home working on your book.  Do you really need to catch those TV shows now when you can watch them as reruns in the summer? If you really put your mind to it, then by bits and pieces you can reclaim parts of your busy week to write.

Don’t have the time to write a book for SAS Press?  Think again!

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About Author

Michael A. Raithel

Senior systems analyst for Westat and SAS Press author

Michael A. Raithel is a senior systems analyst for Westat, an employee-owned contract research organization in the Washington, DC area. An internationally recognized expert in the use of SAS software in mainframe and UNIX environments, he is the author of over 25 SAS technical papers and is a popular lecturer at SAS Global Forum and at regional SAS conferences. He has written four books for SAS; the most recent book is How to Become a Top SAS Programmer. A copy of the first edition Tuning SAS Applications in the MVS Environment, resides in the Smithsonian Institution of American History’s Permanent Research Collection of Information Technology.

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  1. Completely agree Michael! Very well written! Today my new book "Data Quality for Analytics" arrived in our office. At the moment you hold the final version of the book in your hands already half of hard days are forgotten. For me it is always a reward to receive emails from readers from many different places around the world with feedback, comments and questions. In that moment you know that you have created something important.

  2. Mary Beth Steinbach on

    Michael, it was wonderful to meet you at SAS Global Forum 2012. Your energy and enthusiasm are positively infectious. Love your post, and looking forward to working with you in the future.

  3. Shelley Sessoms on

    Great post, Michael! We are all thrilled that you've found time to write again. It's going to be a fantastic book!

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