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If you would like to link users to a specific section within a Web Report Studio report, there is a quick way to generate the URL. Just send yourself an email from Web Report Studio.

A parameter &rsTS is included in the link which corresponds to the specific section selected. This URL can be copied and used from SAS Portal, Stored Processes, etc.

Included in the three screens below is an example of using the EMAIL function to generate a direct link to the US Sales Report's Graph Section. (Mouseover to view the step described. Click  to view the full screenshot.)



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Angela offers tips on using the SAS Business Intelligence solutions. She manages a team of SAS Fraud Framework implementers within the SAS Solutions On-Demand organization. Angela also has co-written two books, 'Building BI using SAS, Content Development Examples' & 'The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes'.

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  1. Hi Angela,

    This is very cool tip. However its not working in my scenario :( . I am using SAS WRS 4.4 , When i click the e-mail, the Link has the word EMAILED with some umbers and the report name also reflects the same. Is it any work around to over come this ??? I have to write a Stored procedure which leads user to specfic section in the web report. All i need the link for the second , third section. Any help on this wll be greatly appreciated.


    • Angela Hall

      Unfortunately, this functionality no longer works in Web Report Studio. There were issues with links being longer than allowed for post processing, so SAS changed the mechanism to create a relative link that is resolved by the Web Report Studio app on the fly. You can contact SAS Technical Support to see about a workaround. There is actually something called an STP Report Launcher that could be used to redirect you to a specific location of a WRS report.

    • Angela Hall

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for reading the blog. This post was created with a prior version of WRS and it appears that this functionality no longer exists. The emailed links now have been reduced to a numeric representation of the prompt selection (such as: Emailed%2F131212_093216). The Report Portlet from SAS Portal shows the default prompt selections in the Portal, and if the user wants a different set of prompts they could click the 'Launch Live Report' link.

      I see that you have opened a ticket with Technical Support - at this time that is the best approach.

  2. Martin Durafour on

    Hi Angela

    Hopefully you can help us even your originally post is 1-2 years old. We are running 9.3M2 and now the email functions (used to generate links) has changes. When linkig to sections I canfigure it out butwith prompts I can't. The Email functions do not show the prompt (R_ELMT) fx:
    Instead of the prompt and Emailed + date is included in the link. Can you please help us to figure a correct "prompt" l.


  3. Matthew Culliford on

    Angela, Ignore my last requst. Just realised I need to seperate prompts with "&".

    Thanks Again

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