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The new, third edition of Frederick Pratter’s Web Development with SAS by Example recently came out to great fanfare. Updated for SAS 9.2 and SAS Enterprise BI Server 4.3, Web Development with SAS by Example, Third Edition, introduces readers to Web programming using real-world examples and SAS Web programming tools.

So what’s new?In a word, practically everything (well, that’s two words actually.) In the five years since the second edition first appeared (can it be that long?) much of what was said about Web Frederick Pratter's new book!development using SAS has changed. This volume reflects those changes.

Here are the new and updated topics users will be most excited about:

  • Four new chapters on SAS EBI Server Web Applications, including coverage of the Information Delivery Portal; creating and using Information Maps; viewing OLAP Cubes; and SAS Web Report Studio.
  • A full chapter on “SAS AppDev Studio 3.4 Eclipse Plug-in,” which replaces the coverage of the previous version of SAS AppDev Studio.
  • A new chapter, “Access to Relational Databases Using SAS,” describing some of the SAS/ACCESS products required for database integration.
  • And a chapter on “SAS and XML” – XML is the industry standard for configuration and transport files. An understanding of XML is important for setting up configuration files and for using SAS BI Web Services.

But the new information doesn’t stop there. Pratter covers “SAS BI Web Services” and “Dynamic HTML with SAS and AJAX” in new chapters as well. In addition, every example has been re-run and validated in SAS 9.2 and the most recent release of SAS Enterprise BI Server (4.3).

The book offers a solid foundation for Web programming for all levels of SAS users, including experienced SAS users and Web developers who want to get started delivering content on the Web, as well as project managers, students, and others who want to learn about Web development with SAS.

Visit Frederick Pratter's author's page  for additional information about the book (including a free chapter)!


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