Super Important Tip on Upgrading from 4.2 to 4.2 Add-in to MS Office


When upgrading from an existing 4.2 client install of SAS Add-in to MS Office, you are not prompted to enable the Outlook portion of the Add-in. As SAS points out in the KB Post, there is a 'Switcher Utility' available in the client install. When running this, I would verify that Outlook is closed first. And it might be safest to just close all of your Office products. Also, you will need installation/admin access on the machine to execute it successfully.

For my client machine the utility is located at
                         C:Program FilesSASAdd-InForMicrosoftOffice4.3SwitcherUtility.exe
When the enable screen appears and all you need to do is check the Outlook application and click ok. Then it runs a couple of scripts in the background.

Now when opening Outlook, the 'SAS' menu item appears!


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