Shared Prompts in SAS BI 9.2 ~ Modifying via EG 4.2


After mentioning the requirements in SAS Management Console to create and edit Shared Prompts (, I then came across functionality in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2.

In the 'Server List', there is a small blue circle with a 1-2-3 and when you mouse over you will see 'Prompt Manager'.

When adding a new prompt, you have the ability to name it, describe it, and specify options.
There is a MUCH longer list of prompt types available for you to use in the 'Prompt Type and Values' tab.

All of the prompts change the subsequent selections on the screen.
My favorite (date range) allows a wide range of options for the user (see below):

The next 'slick' item is that there is a 'Used By' column in the Prompt Manager screen. Providing the prompt manager a quick take on how the prompt is being used, as changes could negatively affect reports that are using it.


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Angela offers tips on using the SAS Business Intelligence solutions. She manages a team of SAS Fraud Framework implementers within the SAS Solutions On-Demand organization. Angela also has co-written two books, 'Building BI using SAS, Content Development Examples' & 'The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes'.

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  1. The Portal is what I refer to as the TV recorder (such as Tivo or a DVR). It only displays other content that is created elsewhere.For the BI Dashboard, users have the ability to change which dashboard they are looking at. So you could default to the 1st and they could select the dropdown box to view a different dashboard. A little inefficient, but it works.Also, you could display a custom HTML form (via the URL display portlet) that passes a parameter into SAS Stored Processes.

  2. Hi Angella, Is there a way to create prompts on SAS Information Delivery portal. Or if it can be crated on Dashboard, which I can add to my portal.- Thanks in advanceTia

  3. Angela, we should note that this feature in EG applies to "project prompts" - prompts that are used within the current project, and not "shared prompts" as they are known in the metadata-enabled world.Shared Prompts are prompts that are registered in metadata; in practice, stored processes are the one place that they can be used universally across applications.Project prompts exist only in the current EG project. They can be "promoted" to stored process prompts when you create a stored process from a program or flow in your project. But EG doesn't let you create Shared Prompts.

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