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We just wrapped up our work at the 2009 Joint Statistical Meetings, where over 6,000 statisticians convened in Washington, DC. The theme for this year’s meeting was Statistics: From Evidence to Policy.

Since I started working with SAS Press, I’ve made sure that JSM was one of the events that I attended. Upon my return, a friend asked me what the JSM conference is like. To me, it’s a very exciting event. Honestly, sometimes people are surprised at this answer! Before I explain, some people tend to have the impression that a conference like JSM would be a yawn-inspiring event, nothing but talk about crunching numbers. How could analytics be exciting?

Ask a few questions of the attendees, and you learn that the kind of analyses they’re doing is anything but boring. It’s fascinating to talk with statisticians at JSM and find out a little about the kind of data they are analyzing and for what purpose. We get to spend 4 days seeing glimpses into how they are analyzing financial data or clinical trials data or manufacturing data or census data or data around public policy. Their work influences our lives on a daily basis, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days learning from them.

At JSM, our days are packed with activities that are centered on SAS Press books and SAS Documentation. Here are some highlights to share with you.

Books take center stage. Some attendees are looking for books to support their work. Others are looking for books they can use in the classroom. The most popular titles this year were:

• Analysis of Clinical Trials Using SAS
• Analyzing Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves with SAS
• The Little SAS Book
• SAS for Mixed Models
• SAS for Linear Models
• SAS for Monte Carlo Studies
• Validating Clinical Trial Data

SAS Press Authors, those we’ve already worked with and those yet to join us, are one of our top priorities. At JSM, we were able to meet with almost 20 of our SAS Press authors. The meeting offers a chance to discuss projects that are underway and ideas for new projects.

This year, we were delighted to celebrate the naming of two SAS Press authors, Randy Tobias (left) and Alex Dmitrienko (right), as ASA Fellows. ASA Fellows are nominated by their peers. The title recognizes full members of established reputation who have made outstanding contributions to an aspect of statistical work.

Social media helped keep the conversations going at JSM. Those attendees who were participating had the opportunity to win free books each day. But, they had to be fast! Only the first 5 to respond could win!

JSM offers opportunities for feedback. SAS Publishing is always looking for ways to continue to develop and expand offerings to customers and support to authors. While at the conference, we gathered topics for other new titles and talked with publishers and textbook authors about additional support we can be offering.

Just because the conference is over, we don’t want the conversations to end! What suggestions or ideas do you have for how SAS Publishing can better serve you? Drop us a line at and let us know!


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