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SAS Web Parts for Microsoft Sharepoint

The content for this post comes from David Henderson, lead software developer for the SAS Web Parts for Microsoft Sharepoint. David talks about these and other ideas for SAS-Sharepoint integration in his SAS Global Forum paper. We are pleased to announce the availability of SAS Web Parts 1.1 for Microsoft

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He said we're popular!

In this article about next-generation BI, a Forrester analyst cites a few of SAS' strengths and mentions SAS Enterprise Guide specifically: If SAS needs to work on anything, he continues, it's in reducing its dependence on the SAS programming language, which is a requirement to use some advanced features. "With

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Lead an application to data: drink faster

In a recent Dr. Dobb's Journal piece, Jim Starkey (senior architect for MySQL ) acknowledges that it's time to embed the power of applications within databases, instead of the other way around. Jim says (italics added by me): I think we can agree that context switches or network round trips

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From eWeek's we-told-you-so department

This January 2007 report from eWeek states that specialized skill shortages will swell IT salaries. According to that article, "demand in the software development area will include Business Objects, Java, [Microsoft] developers, SAS programmers and systems architects." (Bold added by me.) I guess their crystal ball is pretty good, because