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Today, SAS announces a new addition to its global certification program: you can now become "SAS Versions"-certified.

Over the past 36 years, SAS has delivered hundreds of software products to the business analytics marketplace. Each of those products has a version number. As new revisions are released, the combination of SAS software products and their versions grows exponentially.

"More and more companies are searching for talented professionals who understand the SAS versioning scheme," says Terry Barham, manager of the SAS Certification program. "They need people who know the difference between SAS 82 and SAS 8.2. And who can tell you what the 'E' stands for in SAS 6.09E." (Editor's note: it stands for "Eddie", the guy who supplies the SAS breakrooms with M&Ms.)

To support professionals who want to pursue the versions certification, SAS is introducing a new course, SAS Versions and the People Who Love Them. After successful completion of the course, students will be able to answer questions such as this with complete confidence:

The first SAS Versions certification was awarded to SAS expert Nein Pointoo on April 1, 2012. He was immediately hired by a large financial organization, who reported: "We have just named Mr. Pointoo our first CSVO -- Chief SAS Versions Officer -- to guide us through these tricky times."

With the new certification, SAS has also introduced a new style of certification exam. The exam is designed to build the self-esteem of those who answer its questions correctly. While you sit for the exam and supply correct answers, a SAS coach will rush over to your station to pat you on the back and give you an encouraging shoulder rub. However, if you supply a wrong answer, the consequences are swift, punishing, and slightly humiliating. Consider this question about a recent SAS/STAT release:

The new SAS Versions Professional certification proves, on paper, that you know all levels of minute detail about SAS history -- and therefore probably won't burden your employer by having an active social life.

The SAS Global Certification program plans to introduce additional certifications this year, including:

  • SAS Ess-Ay-Ess Professional - codifying the grass-roots movement to correct news media and politicians who mispronounce the "SAS" name in public venues.
  • SAS What-SAS-Stands-For Professional - prove that you know not only about SAS Institute, but that you can compare and contrast with all of the other "SAS"-named organizations, including airlines, shoemakers, and sewage detractors.
  • SAS Certified Certifications Professional - professionals who can navigate the growing collection of SAS certification offerings

You can learn more about the new SAS Versions Certification program by following these related posts.

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  1. Andrew Howell on


    I'd LOVE to add this to my list of SAS Certifications, but tragically it's already April 2nd down here..

    I'll keep an eye out next year..


  2. Ralph Winters on

    Chris. Do you think SAS would ultimately supply a Dictionary Table with metadata about what was changed and added in each version. Would definitely be useful!

  3. Chris:
    Can you publish a study guide to pronounce the name of the company? I'm a little confused still. I tend to pronounce it with a staccato ... SAS! while others seem to add more vowels to the middle ... like SAaaaaS.

    Confused one ..

  4. Do you think I could test for this at SGF? I want to apply this knowledge right away, since we're still using SAS 3.14**1/i.

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