A 64-bit success story: JMP


In my post yesterday about the 64-bit hype and how client apps like SAS Enterprise Guide would see only a limited boost from a 64-bit version, I forgot to point out another offering from SAS that has embraced the 64-bit architecture: JMP. JMP offers a 64-bit version, and it makes a big difference.

JMP is a desktop application, the same as SAS Enterprise Guide. But JMP performs most of the data access, analysis and computations in-process on your desktop, whereas SAS Enterprise Guide acts as a gateway to a SAS session where all of that work gets done.

Customers often use SAS Enterprise Guide (and thus SAS) together with JMP. In SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, we made that scenario a little bit easier by adding a Send To JMP feature. If you have JMP installed on the same machine as SAS Enterprise Guide, you can select any data source in your SAS Enterprise Guide project (for example, the result of a query step or a table from a database library) and send it to a new JMP session. From there, you can use the great data visualization features of JMP to gain even more insights about your data. (We prototyped that feature last year in a custom task: now it's baked into the product.)


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