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The SAS Visual Data Discovery package includes, among other things, SAS Enterprise Guide and JMP. If you are among the growing numbers who use these two software applications together, you might be looking for more ways to integrate the two.

Here's one way: a SAS Enterprise Guide task that opens a selected SAS data set into JMP. This add-in task allows you to select a data set from your PC and open it in JMP as part of your SAS Enterprise Guide process flow. Even though the task requires that your SAS data set be on your local PC before opening it with JMP, it's easy to copy data sets from your remote SAS session to your local PC by using the Download SAS Data Set task. Don't have that one yet? That's another add-in task available from here.

You can already open JMP data files (and SPSS and Stata) into SAS Enterprise Guide with yet another task.

To download and install the "Open with JMP" task for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1: download the task (a ZIP archive) from here, open the ZIP file, and then follow the instructions in the README.txt file for installing it. It's as simple as copying a DLL file into place. It should go without saying, but I'll say it: in order to use this task, you need to have SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 and JMP -- version 7 or 8 -- installed on your PC.

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  1. This is cool. I only have one computer that has both EG and JMP installed but I can't wait to go into the office tomorrow and try this.

    Hmmm I love working from home.I do believe this is the first time I have used the phrase "I can't wait to go into the office.."

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  4. It would be good that a SAS Enterprise Guide could open JMP file.

    Ed (Eduard) Gemdjian
    Medical biostatistician,
    National Research Center for Hematology,
    Moscow, Russia

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