Jennifer Griess
Sr. Communications Specialist

Everyone has a story, and as a member of the Thought Leadership, Editorial and Content team, Jennifer Griess helps SAS customers share their success stories. As an interviewer, writer and editor, she speaks with companies and organizations around the globe to learn how they use advanced analytics to make better, bolder decisions to move their businesses – and society – forward in a data-driven world.

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Will your customers choose you or lose you?

It’s no secret that traditional forms of marketing like direct mail, print and broadcast are becoming less effective. They remind me of an outdated classroom with an old blackboard and broken pieces of chalk lying about. Sure, you can still draw on the board and get your message across to

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HiPPOs versus geeks. Who will win?

It might not be the battle of good versus evil, but it’s a clash that can profoundly affect a company’s success. So, what are the HiPPOs and geeks fighting over? It’s the way an organization chooses to tackle its biggest challenges. But before we delve into that topic, it’s important