Carl Farrell
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer

Carl Farrell lead SAS teams across more than 60 countries around the world. He was the chief architect behind the long-term vision and operational strategy to ensure that growth and market potential are achieved.

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Always Open

Open. The very word evokes a sense of happiness and possibility. When you’re hungry at an odd hour and everything around you seems to be closed, that lone neon sign glowing in a restaurant window is a most welcome relief. When a shop or service you’ve longed for finally builds

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Best practices in cybersecurity

“Give us 50K in bitcoin or you'll never access any of your data again.” Cybercriminals have many ways to hijack your data, and ransom schemes like the one above are just one trick of many. These “geeks gone wrong” are a real threat to customers and brands, and everyone knows

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Fighting fraudsters

You might assume that a battle-tested businessman with a gruff exterior and a taste for salty language lacks an inner child, but you’d be wrong. Exhibit A is this little-known fact: I have a soft spot for animated Disney movies. Now, I could try to bluff a bit and say

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Energized about energy

I’ve been told I have rocks for brains before, but right now I have rocks on the brain – the kind that are millions of years old and contain precious stores of oil and gas. One reason I have petroleum on my mind is that I’ve just returned from Brazil, where

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