10 posts from 2017 that deserve a second look


Last week I wrote about the 10 most popular articles from The DO Loop in 2017. My most popular articles tend to be about elementary statistics or SAS programming tips. Less popular are the articles about advanced statistical and programming techniques. However, these technical articles fill an important niche. Not everyone needs to know how to interpret a diffogram that visually compares the differences between means between groups, but those who do often send me a note of thanks, which motivates me to research and write similar articles.

Statistical programmers might want to review the following technical articles from 2017. This ain't summertime, and the reading ain't easy, but I think these articles are worth the effort. I've broken them into three categories. Enjoy!

Statistical Concepts

Visualization of regression that uses a weight variable in SAS

Statistical Data Analysis and Visualization

Visualize multivariate regression model by slicing the continuous variables. Graph created by using the EFFECTPLOT SLICEFIT statement in SAS.

Advanced SAS Programming Techniques

If you are searching for a way to enhance your SAS knowledge in this New Year, I think these 10 articles from The DO Loop are worth a second look. Was there an article from 2017 that you found particularly useful? Leave a comment.


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  1. Peter Clemmensen on

    For me, the post of 2017 was "A SAS programming technique to modify ODS templates". I had to read the article a few times, but when the penny finally dropped, it dropped good.

    Thank you for a great 2017 at The Do Loop Blog Rick, I look forward to all the great posts to come in 2018.


    • Rick Wicklin

      Thanks for writing. I'm so glad! I spent hours reading Kuhfeld's papers and many more hours writing and rewriting the article to make it as simple as possible. Warren read early drafts and provided feedback that helped improve the article.

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