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A visit to SAS

We invited the girls to visit the SAS Dublin office and meet the rest of our team in March.

We loaded their research data onto one of our cloud environments and provided them with access to our latest set of analytics tools. The project collected 348 survey responses on social media platforms to 39 questions from across the Republic of Ireland, the UK, Canada and the US.

With a little training and advice from our experts, the girls rapidly began exploring the data and discovering new correlations and insights. They were able to continue this work upon returning home.

So what have they learnt?

  1. People with Type 1 diabetes do miss more days of work or school than their nondiabetic siblings. They also miss more days than the national average in the Republic of Ireland.
  2. Educational courses such as DAFNE can lead to better glycaemic control. This reduces the likelihood of absence because of hyper/hypoglycaemia, stomachache and other ailments related to diabetes. Such courses should be made more available nationwide.
  3. Schools and workplaces need education on diabetes awareness. Teachers, employers and co-workers need to understand the patient’s situation and provide the appropriate support and resources.
  4. There is a high amount of stigma surrounding diabetes, especially around those who visibly administer insulin. This can lead to concealment, which in turn results in poorer glycaemic control. As appointments are the most common reason for absence, the suggestion to have all tests to be completed in one clinic visit in a facility, such as a diabetes care centre, would be greatly beneficial in reducing days of absence.


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Joseph Kneen is Head of Data Management at SAS Ireland, working closely with the Financial Services sector and across industries to provide subject matter expertise in the areas of Data Management and Visual Analytics. He has spent his career of more than 15 years as a developer and a consultant working to deliver a variety of projects covering data management, business intelligence/visualisation and financial planning. Joseph holds a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from The University of Birmingham.

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