SAS Scotland plays host as it bids to defend title


SAS is once again organising a global football tournament open to SAS offices around the world, with the event now in its 20th consecutive year. After winning last year’s tournament in a dramatic penalty shootout against the USA, we at SAS Scotland are looking forward to defending our title in Glasgow.

And for the first time I can reveal an app provided by playerdata will be used to stream data which can then be analysed using SAS Visual Analytics. This brings the tournament closer to SAS’ day-to-day business and no doubt some countries will be using this information to analyse where they can improve.

Hidden Insights: SAS Scotland plays host as it bids to defend title
SAS Scotland plays host as it bids to defend title.

400 people from 24 countries

SEUFI (SAS European Football International) originated in Europe, however the tournament has continued to grow across the entire SAS business, and its reach is now global. This year’s tournament includes 13 teams from SAS offices across the world, with new teams joining from the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  The event will see 400 people from 24 countries in attendance.  The tournament will take place on Saturday 7th September, at the Toryglen football centre next to Hampden National Stadium in Glasgow.  Following a traditional World Cup format, the tournament begins with a group stage, and moves onto a knockout stage to crown the champion.

SEUFI first began in 1996, when four SAS offices (England, Denmark, Germany and France) organised a four-team tournament played in Paris. It was a low-key affair, with all teams involved paying for everything including their own kit and travel.  The tournament took place outside of Paris in a thunder and lightning storm with Denmark winning the first ever SEUFI trophy. Denmark has been the most successful team so far, winning an impressive eight times since the tournament’s inception. Following a two-year hiatus in 1997-98, SEUFI returned, and has now been running for two decades, culminating in the 20th event this year.

Although SEUFI began as an unofficial event, it is now officially SAS-supported and is a big contributor to our company culture. The aim is to bring colleagues together and having a great time. There’s no corporate message, and it’s organised and attended by employees.

The tournament will take place on Saturday 7th September, at the Toryglen football centre next to Hampden National Stadium in Glasgow. Click To Tweet

This is the first time we will showcase SAS technology by streaming player data to provide performance insights, all organised by the Glasgow office’s R&D Centre. SAS is already working with sports teams and governing bodies across the world to improve performance using analytics, with notable examples being British Rowing, the Canadian Olympic Team and the Dutch Football Association KNVB. It also works with Dutch start-up SciSports using multiple high-resolution cameras and advanced deep learning and computer vision technologies, to generate accurate on-the-pitch data.

SAS Scotland is committed to helping and improving the local community. This year, we are focusing our efforts on two charities: the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) and Scottish Autism. SAS will be carrying out various fund-raising activities for both these charities during the SEUFI event.

SEUFI 2019 Teams

SAS teams involved in SEUFI 2019 are Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Turkey, and the USA. Good luck to all the teams taking part and we hope some of you will be able to join us or at least follow the action from afar! You can find out more about the competition by contacting me at


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Sebastien Charrot is a Senior Software Development Manager in SAS’s R&D Scotland office, leading the team building SAS Mobile Investigator, a mobile app built to place the operational and investigative powers of SAS Viya into the hands of users in the field. In his 10 years at SAS, Sebastien has worked on a number of products and teams, specialising in tools and solutions for Law Enforcement, Investigation, and Intelligence Management. He has spoken at several global conferences, including the Conference on World Affairs, and SAS Global Forum. Sebastien graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a first-class Bachelor’s degree (with honours) in Computer Science.


  1. Sofia Real

    Such a GREAT initiative! Feeling so sorry for not attending this year 🙁 I wish you all the best for this year's SEUFI and the best of luck to all the teams 🙂

  2. SEUFI was born out of an idea Gary Grainger (UK office) myself and Jerome (French office ... since left SAS) had in the early 1990's after we returned from and EMEA technical meeting (and many beers) in Heidelberg. We (the UK) had a team and were playing games against local businesses in Marlow. As was the case in France.
    The first game was actually SAS UK vs. SAS France at Bisham Abbey National Sports Facilities near Marlow, not far from the UK office. The French, who came over by land and sea (ferry and coach) won 2-1 ... but it was an awesome day. So over a BBQ and beers we came up with the idea of SEUFI. The EMEA Snr Exec at the time agreed to co-fund it and SEUFI was born.
    It is fantastic to see how it has matured over the years... who would have thought that it would have such longevity and scale. From little acorns... Hope you all have a fantastic time as we did all those years ago! 🙂

    • Jerome Cornillet on

      Hey Al,
      I'm still there 🙂 ... in our (Fench) memories we won the first game 7 to 5 ( I scored one ... or I dreamt I scored one). It was in June 94 (From Mickaël's memory ....a French guy that we sent to reinforce Cary team)
      It is amazing that the SEUFI tradition remains after centuries (we crossed the 2000 line !).
      SEUFI is the best program ever wrote at SAS

      Vive le SEUFI and congrats to Scotland for being such a great host (as I heard)

      Cheers, Jerome

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