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I am Joseph Kneen from SAS Ireland, and I want to share my story about my passionate work with students here at Dublin. In recent years what I have really loved doing is passing on knowledge, teaching others to use and get the most from technology. An added advantage is that I have a good excuse to go off and learn other new things.

About 12 months ago I was asked if I’d like to join the SAS University mentor programme here at SAS. I didn’t really know much about it at the time. But I did know it involved working with the universities and students to disseminate SAS knowledge, so it seemed like an interesting prospect. Now I am supporting the local SAS Academic Programme here in Ireland as a SAS mentor. This programme has several support initiatives to assist in teaching and research at academic institutions.

As part of a SAS software license, SAS provides course materials, publications, guest lecturers, discounted SAS certification for students and links to industry internships. And SAS started working with the famous University College Dublin (UCD). You say, well, that's not a big thing. So what is so exciting about it? 

Business analytics

It’s our work with UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School which began in November 2018 to support capstone projects as part of its MSc in business analytics. Business analytics? Business analytics? What do I mean by that? It is a discipline that uses quantitative techniques to improve or optimise decision making in business, particularly in a data-intensive context. The MSc programme aims to develop students’ computer software skills and understanding of the theory and practice of allied information systems for application in consultancy and business. The programme focuses on graduates from a range of disciplines who wish to use their aptitude for mathematics and computers on business problems.



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Joseph Kneen

Joseph Kneen is Head of Data Management at SAS Ireland, working closely with the Financial Services sector and across industries to provide subject matter expertise in the areas of Data Management and Visual Analytics. He has spent his career of more than 15 years as a developer and a consultant working to deliver a variety of projects covering data management, business intelligence/visualisation and financial planning. Joseph holds a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from The University of Birmingham.

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