As Industry 4.0 fires on all cylinders, technology is revolutionizing every aspect of nearly every industry. Powered by advanced analytics and ideas that once seemed impossible – cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) – the world as we know it is undergoing its greatest changes in a century.

We call it the coming Artificial Intelligence of Things, and our COO and CTO explains why:

SAS is a diamond partner of IoT Solutions World Congress, the leading IoT industry event to connect with executives, managers and data scientists in manufacturing, transport, healthcare, energy utilities and retail. This year’s event takes place in Barcelona, Oct. 16-18, and offers a multitude of learning opportunities for attendees.

Here are five to consider when planning your schedule.

Experience the AI & Cognitive Systems Forum keynote address by SAS COO & CTO Oliver Schabenberger

In “Artificial Intelligence of Things: From Insights to Intelligence in a Connected World,” Schabenberger will explore why AI + IoT is the winning combination that will drive companies forward. Our world is increasingly driven by data and connectivity – and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. The technologies with which we operate in this new economy must be increasingly intelligent and automated.

Attend the Connected Transport featured presentation by SAS IoT VP Jason Mann

This session, “Unlocking IoT’s Potential With AI,” includes a discussion of how SAS is working with a customer on an operations-based IoT strategy augmented by AI. You’ll learn how our customer is benefiting from the fast, precise insights generated by emerging analytical technologies, including analytics at the edge, and how these technologies will ultimately affect the business and its customers now and in the future.

See SAS® Analytics in action

At our booth take part in a holographic mixed reality presentation of a motherboard manufacturing line. This demo shows the process of making a motherboard and how SAS analytics increases yields. SAS IoT for manufacturing is used to merge thousands of products, machine sensors and process physics attributes and then apply powerful analytics for quality and throughput improvement. With SAS Event Stream Processing, the massive volumes of streaming data can be distilled and analyzed in real time to prevent costly failures. By using mixed reality technology, you can see the analytics in the context of the fabrication.

Discuss your business with SAS advisors

Come say hello at our Booth C317. We encourage you to book a short meeting in advance to ensure you find a time that fits your schedule.

Connect with SAS IoT partners

Partnerships are essential to IoT success. No single vendor can help you move from the Internet of Things to the Intelligence of Things. Experience firsthand how collaboration, innovation and co-creation alongside our expert partners provides the expertise, technology and insights you need from your IoT initiatives. SAS’ booth at the event will be a showcase of our ecosystem partners and our joint innovations. With us at the booth are AIM, Cisco, GE Transportation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel.

Accelerate your business. Stay ahead of the curve.

In 2018, we’ll go beyond the promise of IoT, machine learning, deep learning and AI to truly understanding and demonstrating how these life-changing technologies will drive digital and business transformation. Looking forward to see you in Barcelona or in any other of our events to discuss what this means for your business.


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