Test the analytical value of your data


Big Data Innovation Lab is an environment where you can bring all the people and technology together and test the analytical value of your data.

The Lab comes with the latest data technologies to tackle data regardless of format, structure or size. You'll be able to experiment, make adjustments and if you find analytical value, you can scale the results to a digital business proposition.

Compared to a traditional project approach it is much faster and gives you answers on how to proceed and prioritize. It is also a step towards an analytical culture where experiments are set up quickly, failures are accepted and learnings can be used for further development.

Big Data Innovation Lab is a way to gather analytical experiments into the same environment, balance the analytical maturity between different functions and get a consistent approach to data and results.



About Author

Mathias Coopmans

Business Development Manager

In my work I combine business curiosity with technical skills. I am passionate about big data and business analytics, and help companies across South-West Europe create value from their IoT initiatives. Often pioneering and innovating but always seeking for ways to integrate IoT into their business, both on the technical side and at the strategic level. The role and impact of data and analytics on our daily lives fascinates me. Outside work you can find me tinkering with 3D printers, programming small devices and in winter on the ski slopes. Follow me @macoopma

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