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In SAS, we say that we give our customers the power to know and knowledge is indeed power. However, winning the game depends on the execution of that knowledge– and analytical insight is worth nothing if it does not spur innovation and actions towards strategic business goals.

Take Customer Intelligence for example: As consumers, most of us are fully aware that businesses are logging huge volumes of data on our activities. That they buy insight into our behaviour from ‘free’ social media platforms and search engines.

Many of us really don’t mind that as long as we see a ‘return on data investment’ in the form of personalisation and superior services but let’s be honest: how often have you really felt that all this knowledge came into play from a retailer or your bank? Converting knowledge into the right activity, executed at the right time, takes more than analytical muscle – it is really an organisational endeavour.

More than 160 Nordic SAS customers will take the long trip across the Atlantic to attend SAS Global Forum 2017 in Orlando, Florida, on April 2-5, to get more insight on how the world’s leading brands organize to execute on analytical insight. Not just in Customer Intelligence but across analytical disciplines and across industries. I am very excited that our Nordic delegation is so large, and I know that many of our customers are looking forward to inspiration on the specifics of how to organise for success.

Our discussions around these topics will continue in a local setting when we invite customers, users and partners to a series of events across the Nordics in May and June.

Nordic events to follow up on SAS Global Forum

SAS Nordic Business Forum, which will take place in Stockholm on May 31, will focus specifically on how business leaders can create an organisation that embraces and utilises analytical insight. Robust organisations that are not floored by the pressure of the garden hose onslaught of information but manages to funnel data into processes manned by people. People who again are equipped and mandated to take action for their customers and make a difference for their customers.

The day before, May 30, up to 100 devoted partners will congregate at SAS Partner Forum to discuss our joint opportunities in the Nordics. We are rapidly expanding our collaboration with the strongest IT and knowledge consultancies, matching deep industry and domain expertise with analytical power.

In May and June, local SAS User Forums, hosted by SAS together with our new Nordic User Group FANS, are held in Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Here we will go into the technological specifics of SAS software and use cases, ending in social gathering for thousands of our customers.

At all these events, we will get very specific, demonstrating use cases and best practice examples from the trenches, and the discussions will be tailored around the Nordic market potential and the specific opportunities and challenges presented in our own region.

I am excited at the prospect of so much shared knowledge between so many of the leading Nordic companies and public organisations in our region over these next action-packed months.

Because in the end, it is not what you know - it is what you do with what you know. So let's get from insight to action!



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Keld Zornig

Keld Zornig is VP of SAS Institute Nordic. Together, the SAS Nordic team of more than 550 analytics software and consultancy professionals service the region’s largest private and public businesses across industries with all their data analytics needs. Keld blogs on how to spot digital opportunities, foster an innovative and inquisitive culture, and drive efficiency gains through an analytical approach.

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